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We partner with Government, Business and Local Community.

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Quality Management Consulting

Quality management consulting services provide a wide range of advisory services and support to help your organisation achieve successful results.

Financial Consulting

Financial consulting services offer financial planning and guidance for your business.

Operational Consulting

We help your business with operational consulting services supporting the implementation of changes to target operating models, functional strategic business processes and management systems.

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Consultancy Done Differently is your growth and risk management partner building resilience and sustainability. With a solid understanding of finance, taxation and quality management systems, the focus is to bring the region of North Queensland and Townsville in line with Australian and international standards while building resilience and sustainability. Aligning and engaging in the region’s economic activation strategy plans.

15 years specialsing in the Taxation systems: Accounting and Taxation case law through the Australian taxation office.

5 Years, in Business focusing on Training and Coaching Solutions, in regional North Queensland Contracts

ISO Auditor in Quality Management Systems (QMS), Workplace Health and Safety Management Systems (WH&SMS) and Environmental Management Systems

Successful projects include 3 years managing the Australian Taxation Office’s Fringe Benefits Tax system, from design, writing, training, quality assurance and reporting with procedures and running system specifications. Through to the testing stages and delivering a system that gathered revenue from over 100,000 company clients in excess of $2Billion.



Trust as a true local, within 50 Km and 125 Km of local projects as to the regulations, available 24/7


Quality guarantee.

  • ISO 20700:2017
  • ISO 14001
  • ISO 9001:2015


Warranty, within 12 months to review

Raymond has been a Townsville local for over 30-years experience and knowledge working within government, private, not for profit, manufacturing, hospitality, education and disability sectors.


"I would like to thank Raymond Ward for his assistance and advice on Risk Analysis for our business. As a valued member of our college community, he was easily able to write a comprehensive report on risk to the college with a specific discussion around the latest round of cyber-risk to the college. This information was very useful for my board report and ongoing board discussions. At all times I have found him to be personable, friendly and knowledgeable in this area. Raymond’s advice and detailed business report will be a useful ongoing tool for reviews of risk to our business."

— Principle
Annandale Christian College

 Raymond has an extensive knowledge of the disability and business sector but was able to break it down in lay man terms for me.  In fact, within a week, I was given enough resources and ability to launch and start working for myself.  All of the legal, tax, employee systems and documentations given to me as investments.  I really couldn’t believe it was that easy.  It makes you uneasy when it’s that easy but the fact that both Raymond and Joanne his wife are God fearing people who have the highest standards of Integrity and Honesty.  They reflect my own code of conducts and Ethics,  personally that it gave me clarity and peace to know this was for real.  I am now in my second year and flourishing in my business.

— Business Owner
The Perfect You Choice

In a sentence or two, what would you say to another business owner about the 10 Week Business Accelerator and what it's done for you?

It has helped me with the big picture and the processes of running a business. My business strategy is more concrete now with a clearer roadmap into the future.

What results do you get / have you gotten from our consulting?

A clearer picture on all aspects of the business plan and model. e.g. SWOT Analysis, Value Proposition, Business Model Canvas…

What was your problem before you bought the 10 Week Business Accelerator?

We did not have a proper business plan. Therefore we were unable to strategically make decisions in areas such as KPIs. 


Daktech Owner

In a sentence or two, what would you say to another marketing manager about 10 Week Business Accelerator and what it's done for you?

We have a new marketing plan and doubled our marketing scorecard. 

What results do you get / have you gotten from our consulting?

New marketing plan. Clear marketing strategy going forward. 


Daktech Marketing Manager 

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