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$1.8 Billion in 2020.

Australian Grants 2020 $1.8 Billion
Grant ActivityValue (AUD)
Community Child Care Fund Special Circumstances - Transition Payment641590729
Temporary emergency mechanism to support international airfreight capacity as part of COVID-19 response204713616
National Aerial Firefighting Program107569000
Norfolk Island Airport Pavement Repair and Resurfacing Design/Re?construction43000000
Regional Development Australia Committees facilitate economic development by working with stakeholders to attract investment. create jobs and drive growth42109197
Mutual Understanding. Support. Tolerance. Engagement and Respect (MUSTER)36912862
Community Child Care Fund Program - Open Competitive34666895
COVID-19 Mental Health Early Intervention31893000
Pharmacy Trial Program (PTP)26327233
Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF)Accelerated Research Program26300000
COVID-19 Critical Health Provider Sustainability22520874
Support the introduction of international air services to Avalon Airport including construction of a new terminal.22000000
Disability Employment Assistance - Temporary Viability Support (Crisis Intervention)21642928
Rapid Applied Research Translation20242883
Development of a business case to explore opportunities for faster pasenger rail and incestigate improvements to rail connections between Australia's cities and surrounding regional areas.19750000
Variation in relation to grant agreement for the undertaking of Heavy Vehicle safety measures as approved by the Transport and Infrastructure Council.15527000
The design. implementation and administration of a grant program which will provide funding to Australia Day 2021 event organisers to deliver Australia Day 2021 events in a COVIDSafe environment. in order to support communities. regions and industry secto15500000
Assetless Administration Fund13874488
Online National Assessment Platform Maintenance13540780
SKA Radio TelescopesPre?construction activities12737500
Budget Based Funded12501368
Murray-Darling Medical Schools Network12342500
Dementia and Aged Care Services Fund (DACS)11861072
Regional Development Australia Committees facilitate economic development by working with stakeholders to attract investment. create jobs and drive growth.11152427
Financial Capability of Women10000000
Improving Social Housing Outcomes - Hobart8800000
Livestock Global Assurance8203948
Legal support services for survivors engaging with the Commonwealth Redress Scheme for Survivors of Institutional Child Sexual Abuse6991050
Disability Employment Assistance6882069
Investment Approach to Welfare - Try. Test and Learn Fund6727270
ATODB COVID-19 Response6390000
Funding to the Australian Children's Television Foundation6366250
Circumnavigation of Australia by HMB Endeavour6189000
Supporting the National Housing Research Program6020000
Emerging Child and Maternal Priorities5995849
COVID-19 Viability Fund5600745
Native seed and plant supply for the restoration of bushfire affected areas and conservation of other valuable habitat5500000
Perth Veteran Wellbeing Centre5500000
Proposed Facility5500000
Digital Careers Program Grant5425000
Assist Severely Affected Regions RFCS COVID-19 ERP5263500
Funding Agreement4972942
Capital works funding4958327
Family and Relationship Services4882654
e-Mental Health Teleweb4708000
Development of the Nationally Consistent Collection of Data on School Students with Disability Portal4659820
Blood Bourne Viruses (BBV) and Sexually Transmissible Infections (STI) Research and Data4534000
National Continence Program4510000
SKA Radio TelescopePre?construction activities4363482
SKA Radio Telescope Project4334069
Beef Australia 20214290000
Innovative Solutions Support4281239
National Framework for Protecting Australia‹¨«s Children 2009-20204253700
Support for the Establishment of the National Institute for Forest Products Innovation4180000
Children and Parenting Support4157360
Disability Information Services4012967
Funding for Ausfilm International Incorporated3750450
Accelerated Research Program3700000
COVID-19 Mental Health-Acc Clinical Care3629000
Commonwealth Respite and Carelink Centres3589691
CT Grant Activity - Low Survival Cancers3586965
Defence research and policy3521000
Keeping Women Safe in Homes3349087
Primary Care COVID-193334000
Establishment of automotive aftermarketproduct testing facility3300000
National Service Delivery - National Suicide Prevention3300000
Starting Farm Co-operatives3300000
Volunteer Grants3240800
Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary Use of Force Training.3223000
SKA Radio TelecsopesPre?construction activities3156000
Ear and Eyes Trachoma3146000
Operational funding for the Australian Children?s Television Foundation3129500
Indigenous Comprehensive Primary Health Care3027755
Assisting AFCA to establish a historic redress scheme.2800000
Coordination and mobilisation of volunteers responding to environmental impacts of bushfires2750000
Guidelines for Stroke Management andClinical Research for Young Survivors2750000
SKAO Membership Contribution 20182750000
COVID-19 Strategic Planning and Delivery of Testing2699278
SFSE - NABS - Indigenous Rangers2691996
Commonwealth membership of Animal Health Australia and Plant Health Australia2600629
Grant to Assist Landcare Australia Limited to promote the National Landcare Program2350000
Indigenous Sexual Health2349995
Narran Lakes Water Reimbursement Project2218343
Manufactured Building Hub2200000
Studies of the role of the gutmicrobiome in health and disease.2200000
Supporting Reliable Energy Infrastructure2200000
SFSE - improvements to accessing premium market - Improv Biosec Sys Survey2085200
COVID-19 Planning & Preparedness Rmt Com1998000
Redress Support Services1902296
Operational funding for Ausfilm1843600
The Innovative Clinical Trials Grant Opportunity's purpose is to increase brain cancer clinical trial activity in Australia by supporting new. high quality research. Novel and innovative clinical trial methodologies are encouraged.1749170
Improve dispute resolution services.1700000
Road Muster Trucks & Flay Away Kits1700000
Male Health Initiative1650000
Tamar Estuary River Health Grant1650000
Grant to provide the Commonwealth's 2019-20 Membership Subscription to Animal Health Australia1616464
Brokerage Services1604391
Support for heritage surveys and ILUAfor SKA Radio Telescope Project1591855
Animal Health Australia. 2018-19 membership fee1584769
Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Operational and Flexible1523280
Canberra Police Community Youth Club1521000
Prevention. Preparedness. Resp - Annual1510000
2020 National COVID-19 Clinical Evidence Taskforce1500000
Grant to assist Landcare Australia Limited promote the National Landcare Program1500000
Increase female engagement in STEM disciplines1500000
Support restoration of the ecological fu nctions provided by the Barrier Reef1500000
Drought Communities Small Business Support Program1400000
Playing Australia Regional Recovery Investment1400000
Carer Workforce Transition Grant1384950
Deliver national program of inquiry into issues affecting regional Australia.1320000
Felixer Grooming Trap Commercialisation1320000
United Nations peace keeping1300000
National Biosecurity Response Team Program 2018-20201210000
Grant to Assist National Landcare Network1200000
Grant to assist the National Lancare Network promote the National Landcare1200000
International Policing training partnership1200000
National Mental Health Promotion and Support1169256
Early Psychosis Youth Centres Implementation1160725
Australia's Bid for 2027 Rugby World Cup1153900
Dob in a Dealer Campaign1100000
Education scholarships1100000
Expanded rare caners phase II trial1100000
Zema Scholarship Fund1100000
Study for development of a Renewable Community Microgrid in the Daintree1089165
Phase 3 of NISA WISE MCC STEM1067000
National Approach to Deliver AustralianIndustry Capability1059850
Family Mental Health Support Services1056000
Support for the Australian Dairy Industry1045000
Transforming recognition and assessment of COVID-19 in Australia using lung CT1042698
Industry Growth Centres Initiative1020000
Aviation security screening equipment capability development1000000
Northern River Rail Trail - Phase (1) - NSW1000000
Retrieval & Evac for Potential COVID-191000000
SKA Radio Telescopes Pre?construction activities1000000
The delivery of the Fassifern Valley Storm Recovery Program.1000000
Grant to provide the Commonwealth's 2019-20 Membership Subscription to Plant Health Australia968000
Plant Health Australia. 2018-19 membership fee955570
Technology Trial924000
Plant Biosecurity & Response Reform923200
Business Improvement Fund880473
Health Workforce Development880000
National Retail Association Ltd880000
Neighbourhood Watch AustralasiaProceeds of Crime Act 2002880000
Surveillance Implementation - Plant880000
Crime Stoppers Project878902
Strong and Resilient Communities - Inclusive Communities Grants858752
Strong and Resilient Communities - Community Resilience Grants818288
Preventing violent extremism801007
Bait Awareness and Education Program800000
The Farm Hub774400
Youth Employment Grant770000
2019 NLC Indigenous Ranger Forum761904
National Find and Connect744344
Payments for grants to Australian organisations743945
Industry Growth Initiative726000
National Plan to Reduce Violence against Women and their Children 2010-2022720500
Regional Development Australia Committees717734
Centre for Invasive Species Solutions715000
Australia Pacific Netball Partnership711040
Prevention of violent extremism in Philippines700000
Bachar Houli Program690250
GEO Week690000
Animal Biosecurity & Response Reform680650
Carpentaria Indigenous Ranger Forum660000
China Matters Outreach Project660000
Ferretti International Whyalla Manufacturing Feasibility Study660000
National Wide Projects660000
The Peter Doherty Institute for Infection and Immunity will lead COVID-19 related activities with select Chinese universities (including Fudan. Hong Kong and Tsinghua universities).660000
United Nations Countering Terrorist Travel Programme650000
National approach to deliver Austtralian industry capability649000
Establishment of automotive aftermarket product testing facility641666
Bundanon capital works640000
Dairy and Competition616000
Improving management of Shelterbelts. Farm Dams. and other natural assets on farms613850
Smart Farms Building Landcare Community and Capacity612838
Therapy Support for Individuals611492
Chronic Disease Programs610299
Stem cell-derived human tissue models for the identification of drugs to treat COVID-19610000
Northern Australian Quarantine Strategy (NAQS)610000
Online Education Resource600000
ACWP Grant for Smart Trap - HIA598952
Junior Matildas' Pacific Tour584749
2019-2020 Domestic Repatriation Program583741
Leadership for our Regions pilot program577948
Improve access to Agriculture and Veterinary Chemicals559400
Act Sp A&T St Isl Hlth Implem Plan550000
Australia Pacific Rugby League Partnership ? Support for a Fiji rugby league team550000
COVID-19 MH - Addressing Gaps in Services for Vulnerable Populations550000
Filling in the gaps: : improving field detection550000
Modern Slavery Grant Opportunity550000
Support for Trafficked People Program550000
Supporting the establishment and initial operations of the Antarctic Science Foundation550000
Industry Growth Centre545000
National Framework for Protecting Australias Children 2009-2020535996
Drug and Alcohol - Prevention and Early Intervention530000
Public information campaign to deter potential irregular maritime migration from Vietnam to Australia526079
DFAT Support to APEC 2018522000
Cook 250th Anniversary - HMB Endeavour replica voyage planning514000
Building Disability Sector Capacity and Service Provider Readiness508200
Commonwealth Financial Counselling and Financial Capability - Capability Building500000
Family law pilot in the Northern Territory Local Court500000
Indian Ocean Territories Regional Development Organisation ? Strategic Plan500000
Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF)Accelerated Research Initiative500000
Preventing Violent Extremism in the Philippines500000
SKAO Membership Contirbution 2018500000
Women in STEM National Awareness Raising Initiative500000
Manage and oversee the DFAT Quad Tech Network (QTN)496665
Australia Pacific Rugby Union Partnership (GiR and GiR PLUS)495000
Special Funded Projects Multi Activity - NAMP. PPFCAP. SWSFSPP & TSEFAP491319
Australia Pacific Rugby Union Package - Sports Diplomacy Package (Wallabies v Samoa)479789
Chronic Conditions Prevention and Management469700
Building technical capacity for improved soil management466650
Women's Health - Jean Hailes451000
Capital works projects to maintain and protect the property?s heritage450000
Australia China Young Scientists Exchange Programme448800
International Jazz Day 2019440000
Multicultural Australia Community Services440000
Support a study for next generation agricultral technology to exert in Australia440000
Coordinate the Implementation of a National Environment and Community Biosecurity Research. Development and Extension Strategy for 2020 onwards435600
DIGI Engage 2019 Event425700
Digital Industry Group Inc Engage Event 2019425700
Social Impact Investing - payment by outcomes trials423500
Plant Surveillance422216
2020-2021 Indigenous Repatriation Program Museums Grant420300
Indigenous Remote Service Delivery Traineeships - Workforce416319
Diagnostic and Reference Laboratory407879
Implementation of the Maintaining Australia's Optical Astronomy Capability407000
Delivery of remote workshops to government officials and civil society on countering online disinformation and hate speech campaigns related to COVID-19 and a virtual regional dialogue400000
Develop new molecular methods for comprehensive and rapid fruit fly diagnosis400000
Scholarship - JCLEC400000
Preventing Cardiac Injury in Patients with COVID-19389999
to provide a Defence contribution to the funding of the International PTSD Forum385000
Identify improved processes for critical minerals extraction and separation384600
Australia Pacific Rugby League Partnership ? Support for NRL trial games in the Pacific382435
National Arbovirus Management Program 2018-19379856
Connected Beginnings Program375000
Adam Liaw bushfire special series367400
Data Improvement. Analysis and Reporting365995
National Disability Advocacy Program365464
Hannah Cabinet360000
Children and Parent Support Services359141
Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder357500
Nursing in Primary Health Care357500
AUSPestCheck Trial356400
Settlement Engagement and Transition Support (SETS) Innovation Fund350000
Support for Defence personnel. their families and local communities350000
The Prime Ministers Spelling Bee345240
Building plant health surveillance capacity in Australia's nursery production industry.344850
International Agricultural Cooperation335500
Bali Process 2018331576
COVID-19 AC Preparedness Expansion330000
Develop plant health surveillance capability by trialling the use of AusPestCheck330000
Family Violence Training and Pilot330000
Financial Crisis and Material Aid - Emergency Relief330000
National Avian Influenza in Wild Birds Surveillance Program330000
Promotion of Star Portal330000
Screen industry events330000
Support for WorldSkills Australia for 2017/18330000
Employability Skill Sets for Year 12 Leavers324937
Advanced Manufacturing IndustryFacilitator313720
Reducing Input Cost of Grazing313107
Disability Royal Commission counselling and referral services310074
Brice Steele Scholarship310000
Grant to the Indonesian Society of Animal Science (ISPI) to deliver a support package for Australian sourced breeder cattle in Indonesia306000
Community Child Care Fund (CCCF) - Warlpiri Youth Development Aboriginal Corporation - Major Capital Support302500
GIVIT Donation Portal302500
Headspace National Office300000
Jakarta Centre for Law Enforcement Cooperation Futures Event Funding300000
NABERS ONLINE ? Expanding commercial building ratings and disclosure300000
Extended Support for the 2018 Indonesian Breeder Import Program297000
United Nations Project in support of ASEAN Bali Workplan Priorities296648
Autism Data and Research295900
Collaborative and Strategic Innovative Solutions Projects293590
Grant to the National Judicial College of Australia to operate the Commonwealth Sentencing Database288860
Stronger Biosecurity Quarantine Initiative287260
Temperate Fruits Surveillance Strategy286000
Animal Surveillance278000
An Independent Review of Innovation Metrics275550
ARTFinder National275000
Australia-Germany Joint Research Cooperation Scheme275000
Australian World Orchestra 2019-20275000
Contribution to D2D CRC275000
Indigenous Services of Concern275000
Indigenous Work Force275000
International Association for Suicide Prevention World Congress 2021275000
Lead Improvements in Service Quality/Outcomes275000
National Carer Gateway275000
Regional Forestry Hub Pilot - North East - New South Wales275000
WIL to Work: Enhancing International Student Capacity through Work Integrated Learning (WIL)274967
National Priority Plant Pests (NPPP) True Host List and Risk Pathways272000
Indigenous Health Promotion264000
Wildlife Game App263846
National Emergency Services Tribute Wall259604
Development of a National Framework for Ensuring Safety in Care and Safety for Staff in Australian Mental Health Services and develop and validate self-audit tools for use across Australian mental health services.254916
Development of energy efficieny policy ? Hot Water NZ253593
Equally Well252680
Community Child Care Fund (CCCF) - MacDonnell Regional Council - Docker River252560
Active Surveillance of Southern Aquatic Animal Industry Sectors250000
Aus - PNG Olympic Games Partnership250000
Cid Harbour Shark Research250000
General surveillance data and and analysis specifications250000
Innovation Fund250000
NATO-Ukraine Trust Fund250000
Study development of Beetaloo Sub?basin250000
The Australia Councils First Nations Music Industry and Musicians Development Program250000
The purpose of this grant is to assist those deaf. or hearing or speech impaired Australians. who may also have a cognitive impairment. maintain continued access to a telecommunications service that meets their needs.250000
Maintaining Australia's OpticalAstronomy Capability249975
Economic Benefits Interactive Online Tool247500
Meeting and Event Management246667
COVID-19 Aged Care Meals on Wheels241370
Norfolk Island Airport Master Plan235925
Establishing an industry led training system in an international context233447
Funding for the UNAA's activities and administration231000
Cyber Security CRC Program225000
Package Assisting Small Exporters224730
Adult Learners' Week 2019220000
Adult Learners' Week 2020220000
AMR Surveillance in the Australian Chicken Egg Industry220000
Encouraging Employers to Become Autism Confident220000
Establishment of Community Response to Eliminating Suicide (CORES) Networks and training programs220000
Grant to Primary Industries Education Foundation Australia to increase the knowledge of food and fibre production and careers in agriculture220000
National Feral Pig Management Coordinator Program220000
Support to build the capacity of aged care services to deliver high quality care220000
Australia Pacific Rugby League Partnership ? Support for the PNG Orchids218761
Investigating Markets for School Curriculum. Assessment and Regulation Exports212740
Assistance to the Digital Innovation and Democracy Initiative (DIDI)210674
Adult Learners' Week 2018209000
Asia?Pacific Women in EntrepreneurshipInitiative208820
Peer Worker National Member-based organisation - feasibility study206712
Mentally Healthy Workplace Alliance - enhancing capacity206250
North Australia and Rangelands Fire Information Service202765
Provision of Trade Negotiation Skills Course in Africa200039
Contribution to Combating Piracy and Armed Robbery against ships in Asia200000
Expensive Commonwealth Criminal Cases Fund200000
Grant to Arts House (City of Melbourne) for costs associated with the presentation of the Dance Massive 2019 contemporary dance festival200000
Indigenous Pathways Pilot200000
JCLEC BUilding Repair200000
National Tax Clinics program - Charles Darwin University200000
National Tax Clinics program - Curtin University200000
National Tax Clinics Program - Griffith University200000
National Tax Clinics program - James Cook University200000
National Tax Clinics program - University of Melbourne200000
National Tax Clinics program - University of New South Wales200000
National Tax Clinics program - University of South Australia200000
National Tax Clinics program - University of Tasmania200000
National Tax Clinics Program - Western Sydney University200000
SFSE - NABS - Modern Diagnostics - FRDC200000
Digging Deeper ? Exploring the Effects of Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic on Social Connectedness and Mental Health199037
1AA 428.004 - Defence research and policy198000
2017-2018 National Wild Bird Program198000
Capricorn Coast Food Trail198000
Secondary Principals Project Grant198000
PSTF Ad hoc/One-off Grant195000
2018-19 National Biosecurity Response Team Program194986
Menslink programs189200
COVID-19 Aged Care Preparedness187676
The Internet of Things: Maximising the benefit of deployment in Australia187000
Non-English Speaking Growers Biosecurity Engagement Plan185000
Grant to assist the Australian Broadcasting Corporation's Heywire and Trailblazers programs 2018-21180000
PBBR-CSIRO-Trogoderma-2018/Grant to conduct integrative taxonomic revision of Australian Trogoderma species180000
KAIPTC Counter-Terrorism Training179000
National Tax Clinics Program - Australian National University178925
Indonesia-Australia Red Meat and Cattle Partnership178200
Support ACAMAR and theSquare Kilometre Array176000
The grant opportunity is to fund the 2018 Our Watch Awards176000
Office - Chief Veterinary Officer175225
Institute for Regional Security Ltd (IFRS) Strategic Dialogue 2019.\171600
Grant to the National Judicial College of Australia to operate the Commonwealth Sentencing Database for the period 1 July 2020 to 30 June 2021.171050
Provision of secretariat. stakeholder engagement. digital media and evaluation support to the Equally Well Implementation Committee170500
Aquatic Deed Activities165000
Business Case Development165000
COVID-19 Response - Disability Individual Advocacy Sector165000
Development of mental health first aid guidelines and course for people with an intellectual disability165000
Development of on-farm biosecurity plan implementation and support programs for aquaculture industry165000
Exhibition display165000
Grant to assist National Landcare Network merge with Landcare Australia Limited165000
RDATN Far North Queensland Regional Plastics Industry Project165000
Realising Market Access Opportunities for Australian Manuka Honey Exporters in Global Markets165000
Support the Australian Strategic Policy Institute's International Cyber Policy Centre (ICPC)165000
The Wattle Grove and Hasluck Revegetation Project165000
To support enhanced digital labelling of authentic Indigenous products165000
Established Pest Animal and Weed Pipeline160000
National Residential Efficiency Scorecard Pilot160000
Great Gondwana Festival159500
Popera in the Paddock159500
Port Macquarie Lumiere159500
Tweed Hinterlands159500
Development of training for clinicians working with Borderline Personality Disorder158400
Growing Regional Pathways to Higher Education158400
AISRF Fellowships 2018155995
The Airport Eonomist Special episode154000
Delivery of the NPHSP 2018-19 in NSW153000
Delivery of the NPHSP 2019-20 in NSW153000
Australian participation in the 16th International Architecture Exhibition at the Venice Biennial150000
Delivering the Great South Coast Designated Area Migration Agreement150000
Support for the 2018 Indonesian Breeder Import Program150000
Surveillance Implementation - Animal150000
To support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and people with lived experience of mental ill-health to attend the National Indigenous Suicide Prevention Conference and World Indigenous Suicide Prevention Conference150000
Trade facilitation through harmonisation of maximum residue limits for pesticides149637
Field Triage Capability and Capacity for Citrus Pests148775
PFAS National Environmental Management Plan (NEMP) and PFAS HEPA Regulators Summit147500
Australia-China Agricultural Cooperation Agreement (ACACA)145220
IGA State & Territory Contributions143000
National Center for Missing and Exploited Children program of work141563
International Higher Education Student Flows Via Global Data Integration141240
National Code of Practice for Providers of Education and Training to Overseas Students 2018 Online Tutorial141045
Delivery of the NPHSP 2018-19 in VIC141000
Delivery of the NPHSP 2019-20 in VIC141000
National Research140000
Casino Scenic and Heritage Walk137753
PASE Project Grants Round 2137500
Filling the Data Gap: International Engagement in the School Sector137468
Offshore Surveys - Plant Health Australia136400
South Australian Museum Repatriation135000
Support of Forum Officials Committee's Regional Subcomittee meeting and the Pacific Fusion Centre Consultation Workshops133000
Outcomes Measurement Initiative132000
Support activities for COSPAR 2020132000
Supporting a Coordinated Strategy for Taxonomy and Biosystematics to Improve National Diagnostic Capability132000
Fijiana Tour of Australia130000
Upgrade to Jacks Ridge Mountain Bike Track129250
ASEAN Intergovernmental Commission on Human Rights visit to Australia 4-8 December 2017128340
Bring together young professionals to highlight Australian and Southeast Asian creativity and innovation in social impact and demonstrate the role of business in driving social change128084
Market Diversification in International Education and Training127600
National - Forestry Industries Plan127000
National Environmental Science Program Emerging Priorities Project: National Outfalls Database127000
Delivery of the NPHSP 2018-19 in QLD126000
Delivery of the NPHSP 2019-20 in QLD126000
ARTS8 Indigenous Student Collaborative Series125990
Preservation and public display of Thylacine pelt125000
Australia Pacific Rugby League Partnership123500
Australia SDGs website120000
CSO Human Rights Council Attendence 2019120000
Hosting workshops for senior climate negotiators120000
Reimbursement of professional fees120000
Northern Territory Jobs Package117759
Delivery of the NPHSP 2018-19 in TAS117000
Delivery of the NPHSP 2019-20 in TAS117000
National Museum of Australia 18-19 Repatriation Activities113309
Delivery of the NPHSP 2018-19 in SA112000
Delivery of the NPHSP 2019-20 in SA112000
Delivery of the NPHSP 2018-19 in WA111000
Delivery of the NPHSP 2019-20 in WA111000
A Better Start for Children with Disability - Education and Support110000
ATSI National Music Office Sustainability Grant110000
Australia Reads 2020110000
Conducting 2-day research workshop on Gender and P/CVE110000
First nations artists and labels recording grant program110000
Fruit Growers Tasmania110000
Harnessing Indigenous Knowledge for Nature Based Solutions Documentary110000
International Student Engagement and Leadership Program110000
Promote Australia internationally as a FinTech destination110000
RFDS Aeromedical Retrieval Simulation Hub Bundaberg110000
The Australian Ballet Tour China 2018110000
Australia-ASEAN BRIDGE School Partnerships Program109992
MAGNT Indigenous Repatriation Program107200
2019-2020 Strategic Project for the National Disability Coordination Officer (NDCO) Program105600
Identification of critical materials for emergency animal disease response105380
Enhancing LEADDRs Capabilty: Focus on Animal Influenza Serology104800
Understanding parallel trade of Australian products to China102300
2017-18 Grant Funding to the Australian Member Committee of the Council for Security Cooperation in the Asia-Pacific (AusCSCAP)102000
GCTF CVE in prisons workshop102000
Men's and Women's Cultural Master Camps100568
8th World Congress on Family Law and Children's Rights100000
Ad-Hoc Human Rights Grant100000
Australian Organics Industry Export Market Access Project100000
Banrock Station Wiggley Reach Regulator Grant Opportunity100000
Carnegie Retail Precinct100000
Conceptualising and Detecting COVID-19 Mis/Disinformation Dissemination Project100000
Development of an online policy toolkit in preventing/countering violent extremism100000
Grant to assist Australian Society of Soil Science Incorporated to promote the National Landcare Program100000
Indigenous Australian Cricket Team Tour of Vanuatu100000
Indigenous Children's Book Database100000
Law of the Sea Training in Brunei100000
National Legal Aid sector engagement and support with transition to the new funding arrangements and to progress work in the family law area100000
Scholarship - Jordanian Public Security Directorate100000
Smart Appliances Demand Response Capacity Decision Regulatory Impact Statement100000
TraNSIT Web100000
International University Students and Pre-departure information: What are they getting and what do they need?99000
LookCheck app pilot for Northern Auustralia99000
Regional Agricultural Show Development Program99000
Australian Voluntary Contribution to UNESCO International Fund for Cultural Diversity98201
Partnership with Nesta Innovation GrowthLab UK97615
Monitoring the transition of Commonwealth-funded psychosocial support programs to the NDIS96998
2018-19 Grant Funding to the Australian Member Committee of the Council for Security Cooperation in the Asia-Pacific (AusCSCAP)95000
Boosting Trilateral Cooperationg between India. Indonesia and Australia.95000
Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat Grant94944
Funding Support - JCLEC93300
Delivery of the NPHSP 2018-19 in NT93000
Delivery of the NPHSP 2019-20 in NT93000
GCTF CVE working group meeting92547
National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Flexible Aged Care Program92194
Asia-Pacific Triennial of Performing Arts92000
Support for Defence personnel. their families and local communities.90354
Develop a DNA database for aquatic macroinvertebrates90000
Development of Chlamydia Abortus Specific Serological Test90000
Indigenous Repatriation Program 2018 - 201989172
Contribution to OECD Climate Change Experts Exchange88883
Annual Diagnostics Workshop 2019 and Annual Sureveillance Workshop 201988000
Conservation of nationally-threatened and Myrtle Rust affected species occurring in the endangered ecological community 'Lowland Rainforests of Subtropical Australia'88000
Financial Assitance to support Taipan88000
INSARAG Asia Pacific Regional Meeting 201988000
Narooma Oyster Festival88000
SBW Stables Theatre 50th Anniversary88000
Tjurabalan Native Title Lands including Paruku IPA - identifying and protecting threatened species communities. including Greater Bilby. Night Parrot and other critical weight range mammals88000
Upgrade the Veloce Spectragraph88000
Evaluating Exposure Risk and Incursion of Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza from Asia Using Serology87956
Queensland Fire and Emergency Services capacity building to Papua New Guinea Fire Services87000
Australia ASEAN Co-Lab 202086900
Commemorative Activities85703
Science and Innovation Awards for Young People in Agriculture. Fisheries and Forestry85014
ARTS 8 Elite Performance Mental Health Scoping Study85000
JCLEC Support for the Child Sexual Exploitation Regional Dialogue84000
Programs to promote Australia's exports and other international economic interests International Freight Assistance Mechanism83120
Light Up Windsor Christmas Trail82500
Building and Strengthening Support for International Education in Australia - Phase 280308
AFP support to Jordan PSD Community Peace Centre80000
Funding to support programming and research activties related to the Indo-Pacific and East Asia summitt.80000
Volunteer Management80000
Flickerfest Short Film Program79640
QM Repatriation 2018-201979471
Supporting Participation by Representatives of People with Disability in Key International Forums on Human Rights78160
2018 Biotechnology Innovation Organisation International Convention77000
Australian Melon Association - Biosecurity Engagement Measure77000
Families and Communities Service Improvement Activity77000
NT Farmers - Biosecurity Engagement Measure77000
SFSE - NABS - Community Engagement77000
Tour the Container exibition77000
2018-2019 Repatriation Program76125
Special Funded Projects Multi Activity - AVB and NAHRLS75958
Asia Dialogue on Forced Migration75000
NEPP 2.1 Enhancing EEOs ? best market75000
Support to the Australia New Zealand Leadership Forum75000
Young Leaders Forum - Indonesia73502
Protecting the Kangaroo Island dunnart with community action71500
2020 Indigenous cultural events in Kamay Botany Bay70629
CVS Home Care70609
National Animal Health Reference Laboratory Services 2018-1970496
Emergency intervention to save the Orange-bellied Parrot from extinction70001
The Men's Table - Model of Care69520
For the arts program of the 2021 NRL Semi-Final and Music Fest in Rockhampton.68437
Brucella Abortus Serological Assay Development67500
Increase the national scope of citizen science in Australia67500
Boosting our services exports67100
AIYEP 2019 - AII 30th Anniversary66000
Amy Gillett Pathway66000
Aquatic Industry Liaison Officer (AHA)66000
Australian Studies in China Program (ASP)66000
Collaborative exchange program between Australian and Chinese astronomers66000
Digitisation of Current Notes publication66000
Tourist Drive 33 Selfie Trail Project66000
Water Tower Art Trail66000
Wine Country66000
2020-21 Indigenous Repatriation Program Museum Grants65560
National Environmental Science Program65000
Smart Fruit Fly Management63855
NPBS Development of a website to support a nationalyy integrated surveillance network62700
Canberra Night Crew Service61925
ASEAN-Australia Young Leaders Forum & Digital Events 2020-202161617
Promotion of the Pacific Aid Map61600
Tour of contemporary Australian dance as part of OzFest 2018 in India61452
Film to Raise Indigenous People's Awareness of. and Access to. the Family Law System60500
Busniess and Human Rights Resource Centre60000
New Directions - Expansion60000
Secretariat work for the 2018 Indonesia Australia Dialogue60000
Commemorative Grant56092
Borderline Personality Disorder: study considering the experiences of health professionals55787
Indigenous Repatriation Program55400
International Student Mental Health - Training to support a better experience55297
Australian Reading Hour 201855000
Contribution to Institute's capacity to research. develop and foster innovative thinking on future security challenges to Australia and the region. as well as its work in developing the next generation of strategic thinkers to address these challenges.55000
Earth Observation in the Pacific Workshop55000
Enhancing the Representation of Women and Girls with Disability55000
Family and Relationship Services Australia 2018 National Conference55000
Grant to support CRPD Civil Society Reporting55000
Identifying optimal support profiles for individuals with psychosocial disabilities participating in the NDIS55000
Improving Biosecurity Implementation of Biosecurity Planning55000
Joint Donor review of Asia Pacific Forum of National Human Rights Institutions55000
Lucy Guerin Inc for costs associated with upgrade of flooring55000
Maternity Services55000
Murdoch University Termites55000
National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Suicide Prevention Strategy launch55000
National Framework for Protecting Australia's Children55000
National Indigenous Music Awards55000
Performances and classes55000
PSTF - Ad hoc/One-off Grant55000
Savour the Unexpected55000
The grant opportunity is to fund the 2019 Our Watch Award55000
Translation of Financial Literacy Tool55000
Exploring the role of drug and alcohol policy. services. preventions and supports in a successful mental health system54962
Young Entrepreneurs & Leaders Speaker Series54450
Agricultural Trade and Market Access Cooperation52800
Asian Green Mussel Response near Weipa50000
Australian National Piano Awards 201850000
Australian Reading Hour 201950000
Building ocean specific environmental-economic accounting capability of countries in Asia and the Pacific50000
Business Advisory Pilot50000
Capacity building program on the Convention on the Rights of the Child50000
Coordinating and facilitating participation by civil society in the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) Process50000
Crime Stoppers Australia Conference50000
Development of Hostage International's Australia-based capacity50000
Facilitate discussions on global-national-local integration of preventing and countering violent extremism efforts50000
Festival of India 201850000
National Residential Efficiency Scorecard Stage 2 - Project 950000
NT Diagnostic Assaying Instruments Project50000
Pacific Rugby League Partnership ? Brisbane Broncos Women's and Men's Legends Game50000
Research into discrimination against minorities in the application of the death penalty50000
Scoping exercise for the Magistrates Court of South Australia50000
to support the US Department of State's Global Equality Fund for the purpose of advancing human rights protections and equality for LGBTI persons globally50000
UN Voluntary Trust Fund for Victims of Trafficking in Persons50000
WACHS Rural and Remote Mental Health Conference 2019 - consumer and carer attendance50000
Mainstream Capacity Building MCB - Information Linkages and Capacity Building ILC Grant Round 2019-2049730
Borak Arts Series49500
Embrace Orara Valley49500
Departmental Ad?Hoc48180
Public Diplomacy48130
Activities to benefit the Christmas Island Flying Fox48000
CCCF Open Competitive Special Circumstances - COVID48000
AFP support to Jordan PSD Ant-Narcotics Department47619
OECD ? Global Steel Forum46500
Development of a Model of Care for personality disorders in Primary Health Networks46162
Women and the Future of Work Research Report and Conference45669
Alumni engagement45000
Pacific Sports Diplomacy Fund: NSWRU women 7's Tour of Solomon Islands45000
2018 ASEAN State of the Nation Event Series44000
21st Biennale of Sydney (2018). SUPERPOSITION: Equilibrium and Engagement44000
Australia-Indonesia BRIDGE Program - Australians visit to Indonesia44000
Bushland Park Trails44000
FFA delegations to travel to ASEAN countries to undertake a range of PD activities44000
Flocking Together Light Installation44000
Grant to Assist the National Farmers Federation44000
Improving the relationship between World Heritage. Tourism and Poverty Reduction44000
National dictionary of Building andPlumbing Terminology44000
Pie Time 202144000
Practical Futures for Cyber Confidence Building in the ASEAN region44000
The Commonwealth will provide financial support to the University of Melbourne for activities undertaken to prepare for the transport technology workshop.44000
To consult with professionals working with families and to develop evidence-based and online child mental health resources for professionals44000
ASEAN-AUSTRALIA DIALOGUE: Partnering for Security & Prosperity in Uncertain Times43978
MIKTA Women's Development Workshop43790
National Indigenous Art Fair 201943627
Support for the updating and maintenance of Carnegie's Cyber Norms Index.43469
Commonwealth Home Support Programme42782
Australian Self-Care Alliance42106
Nurses in the Australian mental health system ? towards enabling change41062
Support for the 2018 Eureka Prize for Science Journalism40250
AMIC China Issues Management Working Group40000
Australian Performing Arts Market (APAM) International Delegation40000
DFAT is taking part in the development of Access Australia. a film portal at to provide quality Australian produced short films to Chinese audience as grantor.40000
Indigenous Peoples. Human Rights and Partnerships for Sustainable Development40000
International Energy Agency (IEA) 4E Solid State Lighting Annex (SSLA) Study ? Visual Perception under Energy-efficient Light Sources40000
Jordanian Public Security Directorate Cybercrime Software40000
Plant Health Preparedness40000
Reasonable travel expenses incurred for attendance at meetings of the Hague Experts' Group40000
Western Australia Surveillance Champions40000
Workshop identifying best practice in addressing extremism40000
National Residential Efficiency Scorecard Stage 2: Project 139900
AQUAPLAN Development Workshop and Publication39710
Dino Valley39600
Foot and Mouth Disease Vaccine Renewal and Management Program 2014-1939600
ARTS8 Indigenous Protocols Guide38841
Emergency Animal Disease Hotline Review38500
Grant Agreement [GA2019/20-A] Sponsorship38500
Grant Agreement [GA2019/20-E] Sponsorship38500
Hunter Valley Wine & Food Festival38500
MSO Musical Engagement Program38500
Scholoarship for Colombian National Police - Employees38500
Agricultural Knowledge Exchange Program38250
Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Sixth Assessment Report - Professor Peter Newman (Curtin University)38000
Yuendumu Doors Exhibition37967
Early Childhood Australia 2018 National Conference37630
Support running of a Wilton Park conference on operating in space:current multilateral policy issues and challenges36540
Australia China Youth Dialogue 2019 Shanghai36000
Support for regional advocacy against the death penalty35900
Yalingwa Public Programs35750
Enhance PartnerSPEAK capability35000
Security Council Report Grant 201935000
Support for Indigenous Land Use Agreemen for SKA Radio Telescope Project35000
To provide funding to the Grantee to enable its participation in the development of a working level agreement in relation to accessing the Woomera Prohibited area.35000
To support completion of the Western Australian regions in the National Indigenous Artists' Survey35000
ATO Indigenous Scholarship Initiative34500
Australian?ChinA ConsortiuM for Astrophy sical Research33660
Supporting nurses to improve the physical illness of people living with mental illness33275
Dynamic Digital Citizenship: Young Social Entrepreneurs in ASEAN and Australia33226
Bellingen Memorial Hall Gala Opening Celebration Event33000
Coffin Bay Oyster Walk33000
Collaboration and presentation of performance work with The Esplanade. Singapore33000
Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary Twilight Tour33000
Delivery of key initiatives by QUTCEA for the Australia now ASEAN 2019 program in Thailand33000
Eat the Street - Lismore33000
En Plein AIR33000
Enhancing avian influenza serology capability in Australia - ascertaining maintenance of HA specific neutralizing antibodies in shorebirds33000
Fermentation Festival33000
Float Your Boat 202133000
Gamescom 201833000
GoFish Nagambie 2021 - Freshwater Fishing Tournament33000
Great North Walk Trail Head Sign Project33000
Hunter Visitor Centre Trail Head Sign Project33000
Industry Prioritisation Process of Seafood Species for China Market Access33000
International delegates33000
Moving Picture33000
Mt Buller / Taungurung culture awareness project33000
Murray River Splash Festival33000
Pome Fest 202033000
Pyrenees Unearthed Wine and Food Festival 202133000
Scone Horse Festival Family Music Concert33000
Stanthorpe Street Party33000
Support for Defence presonnel. their families and local communities.33000
Taste Bundaberg Festival33000
The Australian Ballet's 2019 Season at the Joyce Theater. New York33000
Tilba Festival33000
Wander the Wingecarribee33000
Enhanced Analysis & Surveillance for Avian Paramyxoviruses in Australia32500
Central Coast Create31900
Commonwealth CHSP31695
Jordanian Public Security Directorate cyber training courses30788
2018 Australasian Road Safety Conference - Gold Sponsorship30250
2019 Australasian Road Safety Conference - Gold Sponsorship30250
The Australian Academy of the Humanities (AAH) for the International Humanities Summit and Knowledge Frontiers Forum30250
Asia Pacific Seminar on Climate Change30000
CSIRO Biological Control Stocktake for Brown Marmorated Stink Bug30000
"DFAT funds will be used for the implementation of UNDP-APF Partnership on NHRI Action Plans and Exchanges in relation to LGBT and Intersex in the Asia Pacific under regional program ""Being LGBTI in Asia"". Phase 2. in the Pacific."30000
Disease Recognition. Reporting and Communication Training for Small Abattoirs Supplying the Domestic Market Project30000
Funding for the Christmas Island Community Bus.30000
National Animal Sector Antimicrobial Resistance Strategy30000
National Contribution30000
National Energy Efficiency Building Project (NEEBP) Phase 4. Project 2: Building Envelope Design Training30000
National Energy Efficiency Building Project (NEEBP) Phase 4. Project 3: Strategic Retrofit Design and Implementation30000
National Energy Efficiency Building Project (NEEBP) Phase 4: Project 1: Electronic Building Passport. Stage 130000
OECD Going Digital project30000
Greater Hamilton Digital Innovation and Smart AgricuLture Festival 202129788
Used Car Safety Ratings Update 201929700
National Residential Efficiency Scorecard Stage 2: Project 329300
Vanuatu Women's Choir NITV Coverage28776
Death Penalty Litigation Study Tour27661
To increase engagement with the Pacific region in AsiaTopa27560
Asia Pop Fest 202027500
Bay to Birdwood27500
Culture Business Canberra 201827500
First Nation workshops in Canada27500
Hunter Valley Experience Planning & Booking Platform27500
Material associated with the Martin-Lysicrates Prize 201827500
MCA - hosts International Committee for Museums and Collections of Modern Art (CiMAM) Annual Conference27500
Moonlit Sanctuary Orange-bellied Parrot27500
Performances. masterclass27500
The Seen and Unseen27500
To support consumers and carers with lived experience from around Australia to attend the NSPC 201827500
UTAS Southern Rock Lobster Project27500
Australia Singapore Arts Group Cultural Leaders Forum27236
Co-host Asia Pacific Carbon Markets Roundtable27000
Delivery of the NPHSP 2018-19 in ACT27000
Delivery of the NPHSP 2019-20 in ACT27000
Used Car Safety Ratings Update 201827000
Live at Pomonal26936
ACT Neighbourhood Watch 2019-2025000
ACT Neighbourhood Watch 2020-2125000
ACT Neighbourhood Watch Association Inc.25000
Australian Social and Behavioural Sciences Registry25000
Family Day Care Australia 2018 National Conference Sponsorship25000
Flying Fruit Fly Circus 2020 tour to Vietnam25000
IIDL/IIMHL regional combined meeting Sydney25000
RAI Regions Rising 2019 and Lightbulb Moments 201925000
Regional Strategies to Address Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking in Pacific Island States25000
Australia Studies in China Online Resource Project24800
2018 Australasian Road Safety Conference - LMIC Scholarship24750
2019 Australasian Road Safety Conference - Low and Middle Income Country Scholarship24750
Funding will enable the department to provide a one-off grant to Family Day Care Australia to engage Deloitte for guidance resource regarding the Transition Payment distribution24362
Lake Light Sculpture Jindabyne 202124200
MPavilion New Vocal Work Commission with Deborah Cheetham24200
Orara Valley Tourist Trail Signage and Art Installations24200
Establish a United Nations alumni network24000
Research Paper on Monitoring and Evaluation for Adaptive Management24000
Creating Gender Equality through Trading Opportunities23320
Emergency Animal Disease Awareness Workshops: 2018 NT23300
Emergency Animal Disease Awareness Workshops: 2018 Qld23300
Emergency Animal Disease Awareness Workshops: 2018 SA23300
Emergency Animal Disease Awareness Workshops: 2018 Western Australia23300
National Residential Efficiency Scorecard Stage 2: Project 223000
Asia Pacific Council22000
Cycling NSW Cycling Championship Event22000
Digital Dillybag Language Amplificiation22000
In My Neighbourhood22000
Mitta Valley Gravel Grinder22000
National Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) Awareness Raising22000
National Borderline Personality Disorder Awareness Raising22000
Recovery and Resilience through Public Art22000
Smart Fruit Fly Managements22000
Snowy Aid Concert22000
Southern Highlands Business Events22000
Support international leaders22000
Young Persons' Plan for the Planet program21780
TSRF_SP_7 - Shy Susan21538
Rural City of Wangaratta Outdoor Cinemas21526
Development of GCTF good practices guide21400
Southeast Asia and COVID-19: A Deeper Look21175
Wollemi Markets and Laneway Activation20918
1.5 Track Pacific Security Dialogue20000
2020 China Grad Fashion Week Participation20000
Australia Africa Universities Network Teamwork for Education and Economic Sustainability Forum20000
Australia-Afghanistan Collaboration20000
Australia-China Emerging Leaders Summit (ACELS) Guangzhou 202020000
Australia-China Emerging Leaders Summit (ACELS) Perth 201920000
Chinese Museum Online Project20000
Living in the City: New Australian Architecture in China20000
OPCW Scientific Advisory Board contribution20000
Provide support to the new Pat Turner Indigenous scholarship program run by the Australian National University20000
Sponsorship and Scholarship support for the Australia and New Zealand Refugee Trauma Recovery in Resettlement Conference20000
Sponsorship of room at the Diplomatic Academy of Viet Nam (DAV)20000
Sports Public Diplomacy20000
This exhibition will be curated. produced and exhibited online and will create an innovative platform and structure for engaging the public. business and government in China with Australian architecture across locations. settings and media.20000
Upgrade of Crime Stoppers website20000
Virtual Institute of African Studies20000
Walkley Foundation Australia China Media Exchange20000
South Sudanese Diaspora Peacebuilding Project20000
Getting the dirt on nitrogen fixation - portable. real-time decision support for legume growers19999
International cultural visit19470
The Cedars19250
Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Sixth Assessment Report - Dr Annette Cowie (NSW Department of Primary Industries)19063
IGCP young Australian geoscientists participation19000
Australian Games Showcase18700
Fenner School Summer Institute18700
One-day Australia-ASEAN Youth Forum for 8-11 students18151
Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Sixth Assessment Report - Dr Alejandro Di Luca (UNSW)18000
COVID-19 Aged Care Industry Support17905
Sponsorship of category of 2019 National Awards for Local Government17600
ABARES Impact and Engagement17338
ASEAN-Australia Youth Forum17172
2019 ECA National Conference16700
ANZFSS 24th Forensic Science International Symposium (ANZFSS) 201816500
AQUAVETPLAN Manuals16500
Assetless Admininstration Fund16500
Australian Luthiers and Archetiers Congress 201916500
Kangaroo Racing Carnival16500
Keeping World Heritage Listed Moreton Island Free of Cane Toads16500
Lake Eyre Basin Justin Costelloe Scholarship16500
NOOSA alive! Reignite16500
Noosa Eat & Drink Festival16500
Tenterfield Gravel n Granite16500
Australia-China Literature Program. OzAsia16000
Wantok Musik - International Cultural Visits Program15950
Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Sixth Assessment Report - Dr Joelle Gergis and Dr Malte Meinshausen (University of Melbourne)15676
Bungendore Meet and Make Expo15639
Second one-day Australia-ASEAN Youth Forum for 8-11 students15254
Health Justice 2019 conference sponsorship15075
Support for NATSILMH operations15070
AfREC-DFAT-AAUN-AUC Collaboration15000
COVID-19 Impact Survey 202015000
Innovative instrumentation for Hector?I15000
National BPD Conference 2018 sponsorship15000
Partnership with Human Rights Arts and Fim Festival 201815000
Screening of Latin American Films15000
Silver Streak hydroplane. 192315000
Support for people with lived experience of suicide to attend the Lived Experience Summit 201815000
Supporting Agricultural Shows15000
"Launch of the ""Ngala Wongga"" Exhibition"14850
Sponsorship of the 2019 Master Builders Australia National Apprentice of the Year Award14300
Children's Festival and Movie Night14212
Individual Capacity Building ICB - Information Linkages and Capacity Building ILC Grant Round 2019-2013945
Hahndorf Hidden Histories13750
Mentally Healthy Workplace Alliance - joint submission to Productivity Commission's Mental Health Inquiry13408
To support the APAM Gathering at Darwin Festival.13200
InterGrain Soft Wheat Trade Mission to China12500
Southern Rocklobster Trade Mission to China 201912500
A 12.960W solar generator system for Capital Community Radio station11978
Braidwood Heritage Weekend11861
NAISDA Performance at ASAG Cultural Leaders' Summit11154
Database development support11075
Support AILAC Article 6 meeting11020
Dragon Ladies Don't Weep11000
Glovebox Guide for feral cats11000
Grant to Assist Australian Women in Agriculutre Limited with its annual conference for 2018 and 201911000
Lived Experience Participation - NDIS and Mental Health Conference11000
Making a Difference Program11000
Mum 2 Mum Phone Line11000
Myriad Festival 201811000
Social Prescribing Thought Leadership Roundtable11000
South Asian Film. Arts and Literature Festival 201911000
STEM education programme portal11000
Support for Maintaining Australia's Opti cal Astronomy Capability11000
Upper Murray Victorian Open Road Series Stage11000
Wangaratta Historic Motor Show11000
XRD Grant to ANU11000
Grant for Bellwood Sacred Site Agreement10912
Kangaroo Island Art Exhibition10890
South Sudan Emerging Leaders Peacebuilding Initiative10500
Professional Mentoring Program10236
National Residential Efficiency Scorecard Stage 2: Project 5 - Alan Benn10010
National Residential Efficiency Scorecard Stage 2: Project 5 - Sustainability WA10010
? Support the development. production and promotion of 8 short videos of fashion design students at the Curtin University and related WeChat article content as specified in their proposal.10000
2019 SNAICC National Conference10000
AfREC Virtual Museum - Africa in Australia Project10000
African Women's Council of Australia (AWCoA) Leadership Forum10000
Australia New Zealand Society of International Law10000
Australia-Singapore Reciprocal Residencies Program10000
Changefest Forum 2020 Sponsorship10000
Contribution to the Provisional Technical Secretariat of the Preparatory Commission for the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization (CTBTO Prep Com)10000
Early Childhood Australia 2018 Reconciliation Symposium10000
Grant to Death Penalty Information Center10000
Grant to LBH Masyarakat10000
Grant to Taiwan Alliance to End the Death Penalty10000
Latin American Film Festival10000
Latin American Film Festival 201910000
Quality Use of Pathology10000
Short film to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the first international container shipping service to Australia in March 196910000
Sixth International Symposium on Animal Mortality Management10000
Sponsorship support to the 2019 National Indigenous Legal Conference10000
Support for the 2020 Australian Training Awards recipient of the Australian Overseas Foundation Scholarship10000
Support for the launch of National Road Safety Week (NRSW)10000
Support for the National Summit on Driver Distraction10000
Support regional advocacy against the death penalty10000
support the National Museum of Australia (the Grantee) to obtain copyright licensing of twelve artworks (the Works) featured in Yiwarra Kuju: The Canning Stock Route10000
Grant to Catholic Human Rights Committee9972
The activity builds on existing research by re-estimating formula parameters in reliability models using better methodologies for grouping data and for measuring congestion levels. then reworking the case studies.9900
National Residential Efficiency Scorecard Stage 2: Project 6 ? Brett Thiedeke9680
National Residential Efficiency Scorecard Stage 2: Project 6 - Clyde Anderson9680
Attendance of Interim Chair at the International Indigenous Peoples Forum on World Heritage9625
National Residential Efficiency Scorecard Research. Jurisdiction Pilot. Project 7 ? RED Sustainability9570
National Residential Efficiency Scorecard Stage 2: Project 7 - Paul Kleywegt9570
Partnership with Bruegel - Brussels-based economic policy thinktank9523
restoration of overseas privately constructed memorials9486
2019 Early Childhood Australia Reconciliation Symposium9400
Grant to The National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty9284
Iwate school visit by Australian musicians 20219126
Assetless Adminstration Fund8250
Assetless Admnistration Fund8250
Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Sixth Assessment Report - Dr Ian Noble8140
Embassy Internship Program - 20198103
Antimicrobial Stewardship in Australian Livestock Industries7920
2018 AMRRIC Census data7700
Land Walks7700
Supercell Festival 20187700
Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Sixth Assessment Report - Dr Sophie Lewis (UNSW Canberra)7329
2019 Injury and Disability Schemes Seminar7000
National Residential Efficiency Scorecard Stage 2 - Project 86600
Building Future Agricultural Leaders in Australia and Japan6500
'Casey Commemorates'6000
Eyes of the Sea exhibition6000
Grant for legal assistance and incidental expenses relating to protection of the Bellwood Sacred Site5600
2020 Australasian Reporting Awards (ARA)5500
Adelaide Hills Cherry Trail5500
AFP Sponsorship of Unity Cup 20215500
Brisbane Street Art Festival Valley Vision Project5500
Bungendore Street Party5500
Merimbula Craft Beer Festival5500
Play Coffs Coast5500
Port Macquarie Sunset Sessions5500
South Asia Film Arts Literature Festival5500
Towards better models of stellar populations5500
2018 ACT Vietnam Veterans Day Commemorative Event5000
2019 NSW FDCA Conference5000
Beijing Post's sponsorship for the 'Women in Leadership' award5000
Maintaining AustLII's Legal Database 20195000
Scholarship for high-achieving students5000
The 2018 National Indigenous Legal Professional of the Year Award provides one-off grant funding to assist the recipient with the cost of professional development.5000
The 2019 National Indigenous Legal Professional of the Year Award provides one-off grant funding to assist the recipient with the cost of professional development.5000
Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Sixth Assessment Report - Dr Kathy McInnes (CSIRO)4500
Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Sixth Assessment Report - Professor Catherine Lovelock (University of Queensland)4500
ACA QLD 2019 Conference Sponsorship4350
REstoration of overseas privately owned memorials4300
Community Child Care Outside School Hours Care Conference 20184000
Sports Women for Change Forum3600
Maintaining AustLII's Legal Database 20183500
Timing the quenching of SAMI galaxies through orbit libraries3500
Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change3200
Canberra Special Children's Christmas Party3000
Celebration of African Australians Inc.3000
Special Children's Christmas Party3000
Sponsorship of the Special Children's Christmas Party 20203000
Australian Childcare Alliance 2018 Conference Sponsorship - Pocket program2850
40th Merimbula Open Yellowfin & Southern Bluefin Tuna and Broadbill Tournament2750
Merimbula Snapper Classic 20212750
African Music and Cultural Festival 20192500
Domestic Violence Awareness2500
Pacific Faculty of Policing Sponsorship of Award - Australasian Council of Women and Policing 20192500
Pacific Faculty of Policing Sponsorship of Award - Australiasian Council of Women and Policing 20202500
Sponsorship of African Australian Awards2500
The 2018 National Indigenous Law Student of the Year Prize provides one-off grant funding to assist the recipient with the cost of professional development.2500
The 2019 National Indigenous Law Student of the Year Prize provides one-off grant funding to assist the recipient with the cost of professional development.2500
AFL Unity Cup 20182200
National Residential Efficiency Scorecard Research. Jurisdiction Pilot. Project 4 ? YESS2200
National Residential Efficiency Scorecard Research.Jurisdiction Pilot. Project 4 ? Bradley Marshall2200
National Residential Efficiency Scorecard Stage 2: Project 4 ? Jade Sell2200
National Residential Efficiency Scorecard Stage 2: Project 4 - R Thomas2200
IMUN 2019 Hanoi2000
Townsville Catholic Schools Career and VET Coordinators Industry Insight Tours Grant1970
AusCHAM Business Awards 2019 Sponsorship1948
COVID19 Tier 1 Residential Clients to Home Care providers during pandemic1833
AFP Community Grants 18/191500
Islamic Council of Victoria Dinners 20181500
Sponsorship for Departmental participants in the Canberra Times Fun Run to increase the profile of the event to raise awareness and vital funds for the Heart Foundation.1410
ACT Restorative Practice Workshop1100
Africa Day Melbourne 20181000
Africa Day Melbourne 20191000
Australian Bosnian Islamic Centre Iftar Dinner1000
Australian Intercultural Society (AIS) Victorian Parliament Iftar dinner1000
Islamic Council of Victoria Iftar Dinners1000
Sponsorship for Al Salam Festival1000
African Australian Multicultural Employment and Youth Services Iftar Dinner500
African Iftar for the Homeless 2018500
AIS Victorian Parliament Iftar Dinner500
Hume Islamic Youth Centre - Iftar Dinners500
Islamic Community Milli Gorus Fundation Australia500
Islamic Education and Welfare Association of Dandenong Inc. (IEWAD) Iftar Dinners 2018500
Islamic Education and Welfare Association of Dandenong Inc. (IEWAD) Iftar Dinners 2019500
My Centre Mosque (MC) Iftar Dinner500
Australian Government Grants 2020