About Us

Our Story


It all started when Raymond was working in the Australian Taxation Office and a young family his wife and he knew were having difficulty with their business.

They had a considerable tax debt which was putting pressure on the couples already strand relationship, on top of that they had a child with special needs and trying to navigate life’s challenges. Raymond's wife asked him to have a look at their business accounts and see what he could do to help.

After 10 minutes Raymond was able to find a number is issues with their accounts and further investigating found that the business was not in debt. Due to the adjustments and amendments the tax office in fact owed the business money. Through amending the business's activity statements, credit was given back to the business. When Raymond saw the relief on the husband and wife’s face he knew he wanted to help people. Not only through reaching the businesses dreams and aspirations but just as important to make life long connections.

That is what we are about at Consulting Done Differently.

Consulting, SME in the areas of quality and management systems, financial systems and the day to day operating systems.

Standards and best practice

To ensure that we deliver with a customer-centric focus that will always be provided with the highest quality of services and products, the CDD Management Consultant Practice adheres to best practice and standards, including the Institute of Management Consulting (IMC) and the Global Reporting Inititive (GRI) as well as Exemplar Global, the certifiers of auditing in all ISO standards.


Our practice is in line with the industry’s professional body as an associate of the Institute of Management Consulting and a member of the Australian Institute of Business Alumni. We are also aligned with the GRI building Integrated Reporting (IR) not just in finance but all aspects of the business through to business strategy on Corporate Social Responsibilty (CSR). Leaving the planet better than the way we found it. In two words Good Stewardship.


CDD is a professional management consulting firm in system products and services as a business specialising in business structuring and project landscape, transforming strategy to fit-for-purpose delivery. We provide customer-centric support with real world, relevant and recent knowledge via our global network of specialist, delivery services and capability empowerment.


CDD was established in 2020 in the middle of Covid19, and we took the opportunity to prepare and position into the new normal, developing state-of-the-art system structures and customer-centric frameworks to deliver to our clients.

Through the development of these new tools, this has allowed access to a wealth of knowledge and experience supporting collateral on key transformation deliverables.


We recognise that every business has its own DNA, and we work with our clients to ensure their culture and capability are sufficiently considered when setting up and delivering products and services to the success of business and projects alike.

The Five Fundamental Criteria

  1. Workplace Health and Safety Management Systems (WH&SMS) Evidence based examples. This is a working robust system that is live.
  2. Financial Management Systems (FMS)
  3. Insurances – are you able to cover the project to completion?
  4. Capability – do you have Quality Management systems in every task driven activity? Are you qualified, certified and accredited? Are your operational systems at the international standard level? Reporting structures, communication systems and ethical practices on how you operate.
  5. Capacity – Do you have availability to the resources to deliver on you projects and tasks, internally and externally providing to all stakeholders. Can you met your deliverables within scope, budget, cost, time with available resources. Evidence based examples and historical success.


Cyber Security and information protection are becoming an additional criteria given the global attacks on all business levels not just government and large organisations. It is all our responsibility to secure and protect internal and external information for all stakeholders.

These are the criteria that must be answered with evidence based examples relevant and recent to the projects. We need to be able to add value to all supply chains, government, large organisations and everyday local projects which we desire to be part. Whether you are a small, medium business or a large contractor you must be able to carry both the risks of the project and carry the project to completion. Through addressing these five fundamental criteria provides assurance to all levels of management that you have a history of success and the ability to finish in scope, budget, cost and time with available resources.