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The Top 10 Business Grants Questions Every Business Owner Needs To Ask

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Are small business grants hard to get?

Small business grants are in demand in both the public and private sectors. Non profits, states, and local governments invest significant amounts of money to give small businesses starting funds. Take a look at your options!


Business grants from the government OR non-profit organizations (NGOs) like state economic development agencies or even foundations for example— all typically require that you submit an application defining the objective and match funds required. They also usually mandate what must be done with the same grant after it is granted.


Are there government grants to start a business?

In short, there are business grants available for a new Australian-based commercial enterprise. This type of grant is for individuals who want to start and operate their own company. There are plenty of other different types of financial assistance available too—such as startups or running an existing business grants in Australia or NZ if you’re looking here. Business development and consulting services may also be available as incentives to help startups get off the ground and grow into successful businesses. 

How do I find grants for my business?

You can search for business grants on the Australian government website(at no cost). There are questions of location, industry, objectives. Click Search Now. Multiple grant results are listed with links. 

How to apply for a government business grant?

To apply for a government business grant, first identify which grant or funding options best suit your requirements by referring to the eligibility criteria. Then prepare an application package following the instructions listed on the official website of each fund or program. Some funds require you to undergo a pre-application assessment before being granted access so that they can determine if their services are suitable for you-- if this is the case, you will need to submit certain documents in order to be granted this opportunity.

How to apply for a government Covid grant for small business?

There is currently a Covid grant to support businesses with assistance from the Australian Government. You can find out more about this program here.

There are also links to state based payments. 


How to get a business grant?

Applicants need to know that eligibility criteria vary greatly from one grant provider to another, depending on the funds provided in their eligibility criteria. - It is required for the applicant's eligibility to get a grant in Australia which may be defined by their location, age or gender. It is required that applicants must be a citizen of Australia or hold an eligibility through permanent residency. - The eligibility criteria for business grants varies depending on the funds offered by various providers but generally some common eligibility criteria include; Applicant should have Australian Business Number (ABN), Applicant must be a citizen of Australia or hold eligibility through permanent residency, Applicant must be a resident in Australia.

How to write a business grant?

The grant process is a very formal process. Keep in mind that grants are largely intended to make it easier for organizations to receive money from reliable sources, and not so much to give large sums of money away. A good proposal is often the difference between getting funded and being rejected. Below are some aspects of a strong grant proposal: 


To get the most out of your opportunity with grants, you should be able to spell out exactly what your goals, objectives, description and needs will be if you were successful in receiving the grant money requested. That way too many surprises on both sides can't happen later on in this business transaction when everything is finalized.


How to write a business proposal for a grant?

Grant writing is not easy work. Many people write grants, but few get them. Before you write your first grant, there are three key ideas that you need to understand about the grant process: 


1) The grant is written by the applicant (and not the funder). 


2) The process for applying for a grant and reporting on expenditures is very different from, say, buying office supplies or hiring new employees. 


3) Writing a good proposal may be as much art as science--there is no guarantee of success regardless of how good your objectives are or how carefully you follow best practices in building your case.


What is a government grant for small business?

A grant for small businesses is a lump sum of money given to an eligible small business with specific conditions. There are grants available from organizations that give away money in the form of a grant for small business startup, capital equipment and childcare; government grants may also be used by smaller businesses to support new or existing projects. Applications are free and usually come in the form of a PDF document or website application which should be completed as soon as possible so you can get your request submitted immediately. 

What small businesses can get a government grant?

Aussie small businesses seeking to fulfill their potential can find out about funding grants and partnerships from the Australian government. Seasonally specific grants are available annually like the Backpacker Work and Holiday program or Growing Export Markets for Rural Businesses, while other programs build on regional strengths with strategic investment. The types of business eligible include sole traders, unincorporated partnerships, trusts, not-for-profits, social enterprise and their subsidiaries. 

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