7 Digital Transformation Specialist Building Blocks Every Business Manager Needs To Create Operational Business Systems

Digital Transformation Specialist

If you're one of those business managers who is serious about learning how to create operational business systemsthen pay careful attention to this list of building blocks if you want to avoid having to recreate a modern business model by themselves.

The big idea behind this Digital Transformation Specialist isuse digital transformation for business growth and gain business transformation for sustainability.

What's important for everyone to understand about this is that refreshing the business for competitive advantage, however, transformation leads to business growth.

Building Block # 1 - Marketplace Transformation
Review your customer segments for change at a logical and emotional level
Review your products and services to meet customer desires
Refine product market fit for more market share
Refresh your list of new customer channels

Building Block # 2 - Process Transformation
Review your business critical systems
Are they documented to allow quality and scaling
Has technology been used for maximum leverage
Are there KPIs to measure performance

Building Block # 3 - Business Model Transformation
Review your business model from a business and technology point of view
Consider global best practice business model styles from the most progressive companies
Pivot on the business model with the best strategies and technologies
Create a list of projects to transform your business model

Building Block # 4 - Capability Transformation
Fix your organisation resources in terms of documented and undocumented skills
Compare your business current and future needs in terms of skills needed for the strategy
Share the strategy, business model and skills needs for cultural empowerment
Implement training and recruitment to address skills needs to achieve your strategy

Building Block # 5 - Digital Business Intelligence
Measure the progress of staffing, training and skills development, actions & measures
Measure the progress of business systems development, actions & measures
Measure customer interactions, prospect and customer engagement, actions & measures
Measure financial performance in terms of strategic goals

Building Block # 6 - Capacity Transformation
Use marketplace transformation to identify market opportunities
Use process transformation documentation to scale up production
Use business model transformation to scale up product/service delivery methods
Use capability transformation to provide the skills for business growth
Measure your business growth using digital business intelligence

Building Block # 7 - Supply Chain Transformation
Become a government approved supplier
Become a large project approved supplier
Join the global supply chain(s)
Leverage digital Blockchain industry transformation
Leverage the above transformation for the 5 pillars to participate in large projects and the global supply chain

Big Project Supplier - 5 Pillars

So the next step for you here is to look at your your business for transformation opportunities.

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