Raymond Ward

About Raymond Ward

Raymond was recently appointed to the Australian Institute of Business, Alumni Industry Panel for Corporate Governance and Finance, as a member he will be providing consultation on current trends and challenges within the industry, leveraging substantial professional experience and helping to inform AIB’s curriculums, publications and research. While, focusing on how this experience can assist our region in providing offerings that have a global perspective into the future.

Raymond has been a Townsville local for over 30-years with extensive experience and knowledge working within government, private, not for profit, manufacturing, hospitality, education and disability sectors. He is committed to ongoing self-development to serve the local business community with a passion to bring tools and new a perceptive through innovation to the region’s ecosystem.

With a solid understanding of finance, taxation and quality management systems, the focus is to bring the region of North Queensland and Townsville in line with Australian and international standards while building resilience and sustainability. Aligning and engaging in the region’s economic activation strategy plan.

Raymond’s successful projects include 3 years managing the Australian Taxation Office’s Fringe Benefits Tax system, from design, writing, training, quality assurance and reporting with procedures and running system specifications. Through to the testing stages and delivering a system that gathered revenue from over 100,000 company clients in excess of $2Billion.

The 3-year project included virtual and personal interaction and communication through the Canberra and Townsville sites of the Australian Taxation Office to Treasury and the Australian Government prior to the Federal budget.

In recognition of his services, he received national line awards in Technical Excellence and Excellence in Client Service.

Raymond brings these experiences and knowledge of the ‘Why and How’ to partner with business owners to reach dreams and aspirations, that is important, but making lifelong connections is his goal.

That is what we are about at Consultancy Done Differently. Management consulting in growth and risk management.

Raymond Ward Executive Managing Director (MBA)

Raymond Ward