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Business Basics Grant - How To Apply For $5000 Grant

3 Things Every Business Owner Needs To Know About Business Basics Grant and Grant Supplier Quote

Business Basics Grant Supplier Quote

Supplier Quote For $5000 Business Basics Grant

Grant Criteria Overview: Less than 20 staff, less than $300k turnover, have an ABN number and based in Regional Queensland.

You Need Capital For Growth

I think it's safe to say that we want to accelerate business growth in terms of training, website, business advice, marketing and business continuity..

A typical hurdle we all face is Business growth activities cost money.

Business Growth Activities Are Hard

The typical approach for most people here is to wait for cash flow to pay for business growth eventually.

The challenge with this approach is that the business does not have all the necessary skills to complete business growth activities.

Use Grant For Business Growth

The solution is to use grant money and external business professionals to complete business growth tasks.

Get A Quote To The Upcoming Grant Application

Our #1 best solution here is to get a Supplier Quote for the upcoming Business Basics Grant.
To do this means a change in thinking about there is a $5000 government grant available with no co-contribution. .
Which means changing your mind about the grant can be used in the following categories

  • Training & Coaching - Skills Analysis
    • Understand your current business and IT skills
    • Confirms if you have the skills to implement your strategy
  • Website build or Upgrades - Online, Competition & Keyword Analysis
    • Understand your online position in the marketplace
    • Know where you can advance online with clarity
  • Professional business advice - Business Model Current & Future
    • See how your business operates on one page
    • Learn where you could improve business operations
  • Strategic marketing services - Marketing Plan, Customer Avatar, Google My Business, LinkedIn
    • Have a plan for marketing growth
    • See how to scale up your business
  • Business continuity & succession - Business Strategy Checklist
    • See how strong your strategy is
    • Identify weakness in strategy to correct for business growth

Also, you'll need a supplier quote that needs to match the grant criteria.
We have a 6 page quote template that follows grant criteria..

Provide Business Details For Quote Preparation

If you provide your name, business name, position and logo, we can make the supplier quote using the template quickly!

Statutory Declaration

The grant application must have a signed and witnessed Statutory Declaration accepting the criteria.

See link above.

Be Prepared For A $5000 Grant

See link above.

What makes this even more exciting is having a supplier quote prepared in advance of the 24th November 2022 grant launch.

Round 1 grant filled out in one day.

Be prepared for Round 4 grant early to submit on 24-Nov-2022. End Date 5-Dec-2022. 

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Business Basics Grant Supplier Quote