The # 8 secretes on ‘HOW’ to activate your business goals, that can help drive and accelerate business growth.

your business goals

Business goal ideas often come to us when we are relaxed and in the moment.
Sometimes taking a break from working in the business, can give a stronger strategy and work on the business.

This can better position your vision, to imagine the future both for you and the core team. Growth possibilities are more likely to become clearer.

These # 8 secretes can help you as a business owner, manager or entrepreneur to clearly see the steps to the business goals. While giving the logistical outline that can be communicated at all levels.

By planning to plan with these tools and methodologies will give multiple perspectives and ensuring alignment throughout the business to its strategies.
The business vision becomes realised while achieving these milestones.

So, to get a clear road map on seeing your way forward in your business, let’s look a little deeper:

Secret # 1 - Ideal Customer Segments

Each customer segment may require a slightly different business model
What are there result needs, desires, enemy, problems, pains, questions, objections, goals
Create marketing and offers to align with each customer segment

Secret # 2 – Google My Business (GMB)

GMB creates Google Map pin for your business
This assists with customer local search for your business
You can provide address, phone number, website, map with directions
Products and services can be described with links

Secret # 3 - Facebook Business Page

Facebook has 2.8 billion users which include your customers
Facebook Business Pages can have product links
Facebook Messenger can be a new channel for your business

Secret # 4 - LinkedIn Company Page

Your business can have a LinkedIn company page with followers
There are 800 million business professionals on LinkedIn
LinkedIn allows a Showcase of your products and services

Secret # 5 - Website Using Keywords

There are 5 billion Google searches per day
Many 3,4,5-word search phrases do not have exact match results
Keyword Research your customer search phrases and search volume
Create popular Keyword Content to match your customers intent
Keyword Content provides almost free marketing for years

Secret # 6 - Customer Journey

Customer may require more than a Buy button for the sale
Product Description with benefits, a-ha moment, before and after story, testimonials...
Pre-sell pages for awareness, interest, consideration, evaluation, then purchase
The prospect to buy sequence can be in a Sales Funnel 24/7

Secret # 7 - Email Marketing

Prospects can be offered a free eBook, video, checklist, blueprint, webinar for their email.
Email sequences can build like and trust while advancing the customer journey.
Buyer emails can be provided on boarding information and value ladder offers.
Email lists provide customer relationship management and revenue ongoing.

Secret # 8 - Business Systems

Documented business systems allow for operation quality and scaling
Lower management workload when critical business systems are documented
New staff have systems including quality requirements to follow
Business owners can then work on the business performance more

Make a business goal shortlist and act.

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