Gold Membership


$800 INCL. GST


Gold membership has been designed for medium size business that are looking at going to the next stage of growth and ready to integrate robust systems that build resilience and sustainability at an intermediate level. Particularly business owners looking to build and increase their market share and take advantage of opportunities for growth, sustainability and resilience while, building robust risk management systems.


Along with all the great benefits, here is why the Gold membership is such a fantastic option for you. As an intermediate Offer.


Why Consultancy Done Differently? 


The Gold membership supports your business starting to integrate strategic plans and the developed strategies towards building growth, sustainability, resilience and risk management with a customer-centric focus from your business to your clients.


As a Gold member you have access to a wide range of benefits, programs and resources designed to save you both time and money with the purpose of fast tracking your business through the processes of procurement and tender requirements for two of the criteria.


The five criteria include:


  1. Workplace Health and Safety Management Systems (WH&SMS) Evidence based examples. This is a working robust system that is live.
  2. Financial Management Systems (FMS)
  3. Insurances – are you able to cover the project to completion?
  4. Capability – do you have Quality Management systems in every task driven activity? Are you qualified, certified and accredited? Are your operational systems at the international standard level? Reporting structures, communication systems and ethical practices on how you operate.
  5. Capacity – Do you have availability to the resources to deliver on you projects and tasks, internally and externally providing to all stakeholders. Can you meet your deliverables within scope, budget, cost, time with available resources? Evidence based examples and historical success.



This gold membership will provide you with strong decision-making skills, having quick response to internal and external influences. All equating to building sustainable, resilience within the business and adding value to every part of your supply chain including all stakeholders from your core team, staff, contractors, suppliers and most importantly your clients.


Meaning this further increases your ability to grow, raise revenue and act when opportunities are made available.


Gold members will have access to two of the criteria resources that can drive your evidence base data gathering to address its requirement both internally and externally.


Discounted products and services


Gold members not only get great discounts on all event registrations including masterclass session on particular disciplines through online courses, but also our ongoing support to the next stage of engagement when you are ready for further growth. All this moving the business into a range of marketplaces that was previously only for big business.


Byte sized free PD - $1000 free


Access to ongoing short videos just like a Pod Cast on topics that related to your business, industry and local regional community. We also have the International and Australian Standards, the Integrated reporting (IR) as part on the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and standards which we align to ensure you get the best practice and up to date information on strategies, industry drivers and how to apply them to your business and clients.


Dedicated resources


If you need some clarification about something in relation to the two criteria? 


OR a template for the purpose of integration of the criteria into your business we can assist in the explanation of the policy or procedure.

Needing to comply to meet the standards that are drivers in your industry? But you are not clear on the true value and how to measure the return on investment (ROI) of the standards.


We can support you through the process of compliance, on two of the criteria. We can help you unpack the standards with an internal audit by our qualified auditors. While, teaching you how to measure each stage and it value to your bottom line.


The new opportunities can include working towards winning procurement and tender contracts with Federal, State, Local governments and large organisational projects. Increasing market share and the creation of a work environment that adds value at each level of your supply chain.


Becoming part of these supply chains requires the five criteria be met, evidence-based examples that show the business can complete a project on time, in budget with quality assurance ensuring that all risks are managed.


That is why we are offering a gap analysis on two of the five criteria to give the business a true and accurate perspective of its position.


A report with four recommendations of were to from here. An hour face-to-face or online video conference with the owner of the business to expend the findings of the report and further discussion on the recommendations with some tools to connect into the business’s lifecycle and journey.


The benefits of engaging with us in this journey is to have access to highly skilled and passionate team partners working with you and your clients. 


While, developing globally recognised business structures and strategies to strengthen your business, industry and local regional community.

Gold members only knowledge hub.


Access to a chat bot to interact with a purposed built web space that holds an extensive range of business resources and useful links, so you can search articles, tools, methodologies and so much more.


Want to stay informed about what is happening in your industry and region?


You receive our members-only Enews – a monthly wrap up of all things strategic and global delivered straight into your inbox. To boost your decision-making skills. 


Your certificate of Gold membership is issued in your name. 


Adding value as an investment into your business and clients. 


Our other Options


There is the option to go to our Platinum Membership level, looking at all five criteria and further benefits to grow and build your business and client engagement.


Ask us for more information.